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Volunteers Breakouts from CPC 2016 [BUNDLE]


Volunteers Breakouts from CPC 2016 [BUNDLE]

$ 32.00

This bundle includes eight sessions from Children's Pastor's Conference 2016. These sessions cover the growth, nurturing, and retention of children's ministry volunteers.

This bundle includes:

  • “Unexpected Ways to Recruit Volunteers” from Ryan Frank
  • “Volunteer Empowerment” from Jessica Bealer
  • “Developing a Dynamic Leadership Team” from John Tasch
  • “The 10 Essential Factors in Volunteer Retention” from Joshua Denhart
  • “Building an Amazing Volunteer Team” from Lindsey Whitney
  • “Shepherding Your Shepherds – Investing, Building, and Leading Your Team!” from Coleen Cotton
  • “Keeping It Real: Strategies to Get, Keep, and Grow New Volunteers” from Damon DeLillo
  • “Developing Volunteers into Leaders as Jesus Did” from Donna Lucas

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